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When Butterfly Equity opened its doors, we simultaneously created the Butterfly Equity Foundation. The Butterfly Equity general partners have made an ongoing pledge to contribute 10% of their net profits to the Foundation. We will also amplify impact through seeking outside funds from individual and corporate donors. 100% of the Foundation’s administrative costs are covered by Butterfly Equity.

Food justice is the core of the Foundation’s giving, as it is fundamental to physical and mental health, cultural identity, the environment, and so much more.

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Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Foundation is to improve the health and well-being of all people by supporting greater access to nutritious food. We envision a world where everyone has all the fresh, healthy food they need to thrive.

How We Work

The Foundation supports our community through direct grants, technical assistance, employee volunteerism, and cross sector coalition building.

We trust that our nonprofit partners know what they need. This is why we focus on general operating support, to give our grantees the flexibility to spend grant funds on whatever challenges or opportunities that will further their mission and amplify their impact.

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Photo: Serena Creative

What We Support

The Butterfly Equity Foundation supports qualified 501 C-3 nonprofit organizations through two program areas – nutrition security and healthy, affordable food retail in neighborhoods with low access. We are solely focused on organizations working in our hometown, Los Angeles.

The Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited proposals. And, unfortunately, due to our small staff size, we are not able to schedule exploratory meetings. However, if you feel your organization aligns with our priorities, we would welcome a one paragraph introduction to your work. Please send it to:

What's Next

The Butterfly Equity Foundation is just getting started. We are working hard to identify how to be most effective, given the unique assets we have through an extensive network of stakeholders in the food sector on both our for-profit and nonprofit side. We will continue to refine our strategic vision, with the ongoing intent of striving toward a more just and equitable food system.

photos by: Serena Creative and The Dream Center