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Zak Karlen

Technical Advisor

Zak Karlen is a Technical Advisor to Butterfly with subject matter expertise in agriculture. Mr. Karlen has over 20 years of experience in agricultural management and currently serves as General Manager of Farms at Bolthouse Farms.

Mr. Karlen joined Bolthouse Farms as General Manager of Farms at the time of Butterfly’s transaction in 2019, having previously worked in Bolthouse’s carrot operations from 2007 to 2016. In his role as General Manager of Farms for Bolthouse Farms, Mr. Karlen oversees all agricultural operations including seed management, land maintenance, planting & harvesting schedules, third party grower coordination and growing & weeding operations, among other responsibilities. Mr. Karlen also oversees Bolthouse’s carrot processing operations with significant experience implementing and optimizing manufacturing automation systems. Prior to Butterfly’s acquisition of Bolthouse Farms, Mr. Karlen spent 2017 to 2019 as a Vice President with Arable Capital Partners, a private investment firm focused on operating agricultural businesses based in the western U.S. During his time with Arable, Mr. Karlen was involved with its investments in Farmington Fresh, Fresh Innovations, U.S. Irrigation, Lodi Pump & Irrigation and Hydratec. Mr. Karlen also has six years of experience with Kern Ridge Growers LLC, the #3 player in carrot production.

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